My new series for Electric Objects Art Club explores in motion artworks of Russian avant-garde artist, designer and architect El Lissitzky (1890–1941).

As defined by Lissitzky himself PROUNs are «the way station between painting and architecture». Lissitzky suggests that an artist, just as mathematician, could work with irrational spaces, and his artworks break classical space and perspective.

In 1919, while working in the studio of Kazimir Malevich, he painted his first PROUNs, where he combined his concept of irrational space with Malevich’s geometric abstractions. In creating PROUNs Lissitzky used basic elements of architecture — volume, mass, color, space and rhythm, but he used these elements irrationally — with shifting axes and multiple perspectives.

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Technical details: This series is based on 5 original paintings. It was fully recreated in 3D space. No parts of original paintings, photographs, or textures used. The challenge was not only to recreate the irrational structures of originals in 3D space, but apply motion to them, and also to achieve the look and feel of original pieces with parametric and digitally generated effects only.

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